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Emigrate to Canada and 5 Easiest Way to Get a Work Permit as a migrants

Grandparents generally need permission to work and be legally employed in the Canada by Canadian employers. But foreigners with green cards or diplomats do not need permission. The green card holder, given his legal status as a permanent resident of the Canada, is permitted to work in the Canada as long as he maintains that status. A foreign diplomat, despite working in the Canada, does not need him because his country’s government employs him.
Update: There have been some changes to immigration made by the government of Canada in order to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Learn about the impact the Coronavirus has had on Canadian Immigration here.

How do you get a work permit?

A work permit (known formally as a work authorization document, or “EAD,” which is issued in the form of a plastic card) can be obtained in any of the following ways:

  • Business owner
  • A close family member
  • Investment
  • Visa lottery program
  • Asylum or refugee status and another similar status.

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